Crispy on Delivery

New Crispy on Delivery fry options cater to changing market needs.


Takeout and delivery are on the rise in APAC and LATAM.

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39% of global customers recently reported ordering delivery and takeout more often than before.(1)

With Lamb Weston’s three new Crispy on Delivery fry options, restaurants can deliver the crispiness customers crave.

Item #LW201 - 3/8” Regular Cut Skin-On Fries
Item #LW201
3/8" Regular Cut Skin-On Fries
Item #LW202 - 1/2” Concertinas™ Fries
Item #LW202
1/2" Concertinas Fries
Item #LW203 - 1/4” Shoestrings Fries
Item #LW203
1/4" Shoestrings Fries

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